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She is nostalgia. The girl next door. A connection with happier days when life was uncomplicated, and the unfolding of a new, exhilarating chapter. Wise beyond her years, Erica describes herself as “pragmatic, reasonable and realistic.” And yet behind that veneer of level-headedness---friends swear--- is a passionate young woman who cries at sad movies, loves her Mom to distraction, feels deeply for others, sustains tenacious conviction in worthy causes, and brings her unique brand of zealousness to every undertaking.

I believe that "God has a reason for allowing things to happen, but we simply have to trust His will."

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Buddies Only. [
05/27/10 - 6:47pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Journal Locked Down.

2 simple rules:

comment (i also would like to hear from you
if you still want to keep up with me. =) )
add me

But i'll have to sift thoroughly if we really know each other.
Its better to be sure than be sorry. Old friends are also
requested to comment. I apologize for an untimely deletion
of your usernames in my list, it serves a purpose.
But anyways, comment to be added.

I stick with my rules;
my updates will continue to be locked until
you correspond with the given
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Haluuu! [
05/29/08 - 10:07pm]
[ mood | working ]

Shooocks. It's almost June.
That means it's almost time for another school year!
I'm back to Teacher Erica mode ;)), not that I had a long break from school. How about summer programs? Err.
Nice to be back after 4 months & 3 days of being out.

(place of building friendship)
ready? set, GO!

After 7months of being on outer space [
01/26/08 - 5:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just got back. With a new pc. and a new connection (broadband)
Thank God I'm alive. and that its such a hassle remembering my password here in lj.
Like I got my session expired for so many times. I was guessing for the right one. DOI.

Anyhow, WELCOME BACK to ME =)
since my last entry:06/28/07 - 7:47pm

...broke into the fence
ready? set, GO!

After 1239293852423576435876239 days of not blogging. [
04/14/07 - 4:43pm]
My last day of College life was celebrated yesterday with our last day too of Practicum Exhibit! :)
It was one hella-fun, since what we just did there, is to showcase all our learnings and what we know about the school. Not like what my Mom insists on me, that we are selling the school and in extreme case the kids. :P Boo! hahaha! :D

Oh well, next time I'll try to share the pics :)

Babooo! :D
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This one's cool! [
01/06/07 - 5:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Then: January 6, 2006
Now: January 6, 2007

How old were you?
Then: 19
Now: 20

Where did you go to school?
Then: DLSU 2ndyr
Now: DLSU graduating *crossesfingersREALLYTIGHT* ouch. haha!

Where did you work?
Then: n/a
Now: K.I.D.S. - for practicum

Where did you live?
Then: Novaliches @ Camilo Osias Street
Now: Still in Novaliches. But moved to a different street: Bangar.

Where did you hang out?
Then: school, dorm, malls, house
Now: school, dorm, malls, our house and Ico's house :)

What was your hair style:
Then: Long hair past my shoulders and Relaxed (I think)
Now: Shaggy style (Shagilid, hahaha, I will still have to LOOK for the one who cut my hair & maybe KILL)

Did you wear glasses?
Then: Yes.
Now: I have no glasses anymore since finders-keepers-losers-weepers didn't help. But I'm still wearing contacts!

How many tattoos did you have?
Then: Nada
Now: And I don't believe that I'll be having one in the future because that would mean I cannot contribute blood for RedCross.

How many piercings did you have?
Then: 1 on each ear
Now: Stil 1 on each ear

What car did you drive?
Then: Matchbox
Now: The choo-choo trains I find inside the Play area of the kids , plus big trucks. :D

What was your worst fear?
Then: Not passing my majors or floating subjects that my future terms will offer.
Now: My Mom's situation in states :( and our THESIS, demmit.

Had you smoked a cigarette?
Then: No
Now: Good Lord, No.

You been arrested?
Then: No...
Now: Yes!

Biggest Concern?
Then: I think I was starting back then, on where I will be having my practicum and who'll gonna be my thesismates.
Now: Practicum will resume on MONDAY and Thesis, too, yet I'm still on a vacation mode!!!

Your Close friend(s)?
Then: They know who they ARE.
Now: Anyone, if they feel like being close to me.

Had your heart broken?
Then: Happy that time, when I came to know a bandmember.
Now: Super-mega-extremely-über-happy to be with someone who may not be popular but has the REAL feelings deep inside. :) <3

Then: Single
Now: Still single, but Inspired :)

ready? set, GO!

12/28/06 - 11:50pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I believe that I am not yet late to share whatever happenings that came my way during the months that passed. :)

The duration for the first term of practicum was somewhat long for me. Although at the latter part I missed a lot of classes due to the inevitable sickness and school matters (Reports, Panel Discussion, Papers, Thesis, etc.) But nonetheless, my time for other curricular stuffs for school (doing Activities, preparing Lesson Plans) have given me just the required time to finish and even extra for it (TOTAL HOURS RENDERED=229 out of TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED=200) I almost dread that I may not be able to finish but then miracle has it that it helped me along the way! Yadayadayada..
It was really fun learning with the kiddos at K.I.D.S.Collapse )
PIXXIES!!Collapse )

The first part of our thesis involves a lot of OVERNIGHTS and READING of TONS OF BOOKS and PHOTOCOPYING OF PAPERS and BEING ZOMBIES and STAYING UP SOOOOO LATE IN FRONT OF THE PC’s/LAPTOPS. But I can be thankful as we have made it in a swift but sure editing. Thanks to Ms.Kits (Yes clooose! hahaha) for her hard-to-decipher-notes and ever-great-advising to us!
Can I just tell you that I even *pooped* minutes before the PROPOSAL DEFENSE, well that’s because of a very scared attitude, that I was thinking that the panelists would eat us alive!! Hahahaha! But *boink* all they said were Suggestions and not mocking us of our paper! Hooray! :)

I want to congratulate the Chinese group of girls hahaha, GO-LIM-GO! :) Actually we were very scared of being the first to be roasted like pigs on the VERY FIRST DAY OF DEFENSE. But luck came our way! :) And all the other Thesis students of batch 104! =) As Dora would sing, “We did it!”

I can vividly remember one day of September when someone texted me an unusual quote pertaining to say that I’m onto a life of DEAD END. But after all the graces that I got throughout the Second term? I DON’T THINK SO. Well, I’m not into having grudges. That’s what she is/they're trying to tell me, maybe that’s their intuition. But it’s very wrong. :)
I’m just very grateful to have a LOVE life :) High grades that I did not expect for the Second term: I both got 4.0 for Thesis and Practicum, which helped me, get into First Honors. Also, to finish the Novena masses at St.Jude today. And for the Bonus: I got a new cellphone!! Weeee! =)

Lord, I really thank you for all the blessings, graces, gifts and talents that you showered and will continue to shower upon me. Words aren’t enough but I’m pretty sure that you know it, you’re everywhere, and I can feel You. A month ago I have confessed all my wrong doings and I was very sorry for all of those. Well, actually everyday I’m sorry for the mistakes that I make, but I know You have a Forgiving Heart and so why can’t I forgive whoever has inflicted pain on me? Don’t worry Lord I’m done doing it. All for Your Glory!
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Soon. [
10/11/06 - 6:20pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Barely 6months left. I know this is such a fast pace. But I think I'll look back on my college years even if I have my work already. :)

ME! :D

Yey! :D

Practicum has already started. And we just had our initial observation awhile ago. I can say that I'm harassed and all, but to think of the kids at K.I.D.S *haaaay* all these stress and ill feelings will be swept away! :D

Two Angels :D
Thanks EricaLim!! =)
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Happy happy happy!!! [
06/13/06 - 4:56pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Today's the special day of my Mom. Thanks for those who have greeted her!! =) You don't know how you've helped me make her feel happy...
News: I have an adopted sister. GUESS WHO!
It's Erica Lim!!! =)
Sooo funny! hahahaha, Mama told her about it. :D

And look what I found! OBSESSION ON THE RISE.

What an incoherent update. ...Later! =)

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Reality Bites [
04/23/06 - 4:45pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Summer class has started last Thursday, and I must say that it isn't fun to be at school on summer. Although our Profs are presumably generous and considerate I might as well like the summer term. I'm just looking forward each and everyday to see my friends and have our running moments from FnH. :D

As the summer term has started, it kinda gave me stress, knowing that we are to go to some schools again and have our finals at the end of the term. Its not healthy, hahaha!

Anyway, the first day was celebrated with a blast together with my Blumoon girls minus Eda and Issa in school and with my new friends at Dish in the evening. :D You would ask me, why would I go to that place on a first day of summer class? Well, as I have been sharing to the rest, my purpose on going there was to see my two pretty friends (Mau and Ches) and have bonding moments with them. I have conditioned myself that if ever I see HIM with his girl, I will act as if I have seen no one. And I have anticipated that we will never get to talk. But NO! All of my anticipations and presuming happened in reverse. I saw HIM without his girl, and we get to talk. Err, of course my feelings went back and felt the rush of my blood pumping non-stop to my heart, sending messages of love-hurt-love-swoon-love-blank-love. I am just glad to be with HIM even for a couple of minutes, teasing each other and talking like we're close friends. :) I'm okay with it, since I have accepted the fact that he already has a girl and seeing HIM happy, makes me feel happy, too. :)

Have met new friends there from SanBeda(Gring,Jaycee,Chris,Bry1&2,Julius) and Antz(Road Manager), now they are added to my friends of texting, ym, messaging and all the like! =) You know the feeling of looking forward to see one of them, it just makes you feel happy and excited at the same time! :D

just to save some memories here are the picsCollapse )

Last night, was the second meeting with Mau and Ches but with Karina and Jaycee as well at Virgin Cafe. :)
I'll just quote this,"You broke my world but you made me STRONG." That was the feeling I felt during that night. I have no hate feeling nor love. Well, I guess the moment has come to face the reality and as I have said, I was ready for it. And there it was, it happened.

[Edit]: I've learned that FRIENDS are the consolation and grandest prize I can ever have in choosing to lose in a challenge.♥
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jenjerenjenjen [
04/15/06 - 1:23am]
ang pinaghirapan ni ecai, hehe sana magustuhan ninyo :)
Add us up,

Sorry Kisses and Aboi :)

Wala akong kinalaman sa resolution ng mga pics.. Hehe! :D
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